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I have been using the Afro Di Tea for about a year now and I would highly recommend this blend 🙏

Just got in from work, relaxing with my Sereneti😀 loving it. I love them all.

I don’t know if these teas are brewed by some sort of sorcery but I have genuinely been throwing up for 2 days, unable to even keep down water, and on the verge of wasting NHS time by calling 111 – then I drank your tip top tummy tea. I haven’t thrown up since (touch wood) and I barely feel queasy any more. Basically – this is a miracle cure and I will use it for all future tummy bugs (though good god I better not get another one soon). Thank you!

My friend bought me some sweet dreams tea and told me it had transformed her sleeping patterns. I didn’t really believe her, but thought I had nothing to lose. I put a couple of tea spoonfuls into my teapot about an hour before bed and enjoy it without milk. I was very surprised to find that my sleeping is much better and I now notice if I don’t have it. I would definitely recommend trying it if you wake up in the night or have any sleep problems

More About Bree’s Herbal Teas

Bree’s Herbal Teas is not just about flavour; it’s about enhancing your well-being. Our teas are handcrafted with the utmost care and precision, drawing on the extensive knowledge of our medical herbalist. Each blend is designed to provide specific health benefits, from alleviating digestive issues to promoting relaxation and better sleep.

Bree’s Herbal Teas has been recognised as the GHP Loose-Leaf Herbal Tea Producer of the Year 2023 in Northern England. This prestigious award is a testament to our commitment to quality and excellence in every cup of tea we produce.

With our diverse range of herbal tea blends, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned tea drinker or new to the world of herbal teas, our selection offers a variety of flavours and health benefits to help you find your perfect blend. Explore our range today and experience the difference that expertly blended herbal teas can make in your daily routine.

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